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m a s d e n a d a

graphics with a personal touch

more of nothing
I always wanted to have a livejournal where I could post my icons...but my first livejournal got too personal, so that's when mas de nada came up :) Here you'll find icons, banners and more inspired by actors/actresses/bands/etc. that I'm inspired by :)
If you liked what you saw, and want to see even more, you can always friend me for future updates :)
· Don't steal don't upload my icons and call them of your own.
· Credit making graphics is one thing that I love, so please, be kind and credit me.
· Don't hotlink just don't do it.
· I don't make bases if you think that an icon or a banner with no text is a base, I'm sorry to tell you that it's not. So please, don't go and use like it one.
· Comment it's always nice to have at least one comment on your post, because it make me see that someone at least like them. I really appreciate them.
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