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22nd-Aug-2009 12:50 am - icon battle #2
Like we said months ago, here we are again with another icon battle :D And I'm so happy to say that it didn't take me so long to make them :D ('cause it's me who usually takes longer to finish, sorry about that Lau XD) She doesn't even know, but it's a real pleasure and honor to show my icons next to hers, because I think hers are always great :D Hope you like them, and you can also comment on Lau's journal :)
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8th-Jul-2009 04:21 pm - icons #18
Hello everyone! I'm back! I'm having vacations, so I finally have time to post some icons. As you can see, I also changed the layout ;D I love it, it's made by glucose. I still have to change the profile page.
Today we have lots of icons of diferent types and celebrities. Hope you like them, and like always, thank you for all the people who comments. It keeps this livejournal alive =)

x 3 Audrey Tautou Icons
x 4 Claire Danes Icons
x 2 Ewan McGregor Icons
x 2 Gary Lightbody Icons
x 4 Gregory and the Hawk Icons
X 4 James McAvoy Icons
x 8 Jason Mraz Icons
x 4 Robert Pattinson Icons


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17th-Apr-2009 11:34 am - icons #17
New icon post, only Twilight this time :) I downloaded this amazing caps by janine87(which I'd like to say tell her thank you!) and made these icons. This is only the first part (since I didn't have the time to make more :(). Hopefully, I'll make the rest later.

x 37 Twilight movie Icons


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20th-Mar-2009 06:45 pm - icons #16
Inspiration or whatever it was seemed to be taking vacations as I am xD Now I think I have something "decent" to show, so here I am updating :D
Thanks to all the people who friended this journal, and the people who comments :D It really makes my day ;)

x7 Jason Mraz Icons
x4 Kristen Stewart Icons
x7 Robert Pattinson
x5 Stock Icons
x11 Lyrics Icons


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23rd-Feb-2009 11:38 pm - #1 icon battle
The last time I posted was like last year :P This was because I had troubles with my computer :/ But now it's settle, and I'm back :D But today I'm not posting just my icons, but also icons by the amazing lali_sweety</lj>. Why's this? A few months ago she asked me to do an icon battle with her, and after months, choosing pictures and finally making the icons, here they are :D The preview banner was made by her too :D Lauu sorry for taking so long to make them and also posting :( Html codes doesn't seem to like me xD Gracias por bancarme *hugs*
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3rd-Dec-2008 11:55 am - icons #15
I opened this LJ and the welcome page says 15 weeks since the last update :O Yeah, college has been crazy.
But I'm already on vacations so, bring the icons back!
So the reason why I meanly don't have anything very much spoilerish when it comes to Twilight it's because: 1) I haven't finished "Breaking Dawn" YET, and 2) I haven't seen "Twilight" movie YET. What a great fan am I. The first one it's because of the lack of time I had, and the second one because in Argentina seems that it opens on January 1st. See that's unfair :P
Another people in the list of today icons are five guys that I loved, but after 11/11 I love them more: Maroon 5 ♥
Alright, I'll stop rambling with things that pretty much are nonsense :D I wanna thank everyone who comment at least "Great"  or "Nice". Means quite a lot! As well as the people who keep friending this LJ.
Enjoy :D

x 13 Maroon 5 Icons
x 19 "Twilight" movie Icons
x 18 Robert Pattinson Icons
x 11 Words Icons



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16th-Aug-2008 10:43 am - icons #14
I have this icons for so long time ago, and I never could post them before, so here we go :D TRL Photobooth are probably my favorite pictures, and I couldn't resist to not make icons with them :) As for "Elizabethtown" quotes, I've post them in my personal journal before (where I used to post all my icons), and I added some new ones to it ;D I'm quite proud of this ones, since I made those textures by myself!
Enjoy :D

x 12 Robert Pattinson Icons
x 13 TRL Photobooth Icons
x 25 "Elizabethtown" quotes Icons
x 12 Hitchcock Homenage Icons
x 13 Lyrics Icons 



23rd-Jul-2008 10:24 am - icons #13
My plan was to post more icons, but photobucket is being a b*tch with me, so this is all I got so far :) Probably it's the same people from the previous post xD But I couldn't help it! "Uno Commercial" icons were made a loooong time ago, and finally I could post them :D And "Twilight"...the second trailer was too amazing to not make icons xD Hope you like them!
And I also want to thank all the people who friends this journal :D

x 15 James McAvoy Icons
x 26 "Uno" commercial Icons
x 18 "Twilight" movie Icons
x 19 Lyrics Icons


10th-Jul-2008 01:48 pm - icons #12
New icons :D This time I have a like a mix xD I've made icons of "Twilight" trailer like...a long ago, and now I can post them xD I'm always late. Well, then our boys, James and Orlando (Rob's on Twilight ones :D)...and the lastest English actor I like, Ben Barnes xD Enjoy! :D

x 4 James McAvoy
x 7 Ben Barnes
x 9 Orlando Bloom
x 22 "Twilight" movie Icons
x 11 lyrics Icons



26th-Jun-2008 06:41 pm - icons #11
After, what? Four months? I post icons :D Exciting :D
Well, this time I decided to post a batch that I've been planning since I knew about this movie...obviously, I'm kind of late, but oh well xD
Hope you like them :)

x 40 "Atonement" movie Icons 



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